URs Productively extends its services in OMAN and other countries in GCC region by establishing our office in OMAN, with local support from Trans Seas for Industrial and Management Consultancy (TSIMCO), Salalah, OMAN.

In July 1996, a new era started in Salalah, southern of Oman, when a band of dedicated, multi-disciplinary professionals with indigenous and over seas qualification pooled their vast experience and wealth of expertise with the aim of providing unique consultancy services in economic, industrial, management and marketing sectors. Trans Seas for industrial and Management Consultancy (TSIMCO) was established.

TSIMCO provides package for promoters and investors from idea to implementation involving approvals, financing, and management.Specialized inputs for joint ventures, external financing, marketing strategies, rehabilitation and turnaround, and turn key implementation of projects is offered by TSIMCO.

TSIMCO can provide assistance in different sectors as listed hereunder.

  • Sectors of activity
    • Agriculture and fisheries
    • Single and multi-cropping farming
    • Agro-industries (food and nonfood)
    • Dairy and livestock
    • Fisheries (aquatic and marine)
    • Poultry and other fowls
    • Communication
    • Education
    • Health care
    • Hospitality
    • Infrastructure
    • Manufacturing
    • Services
    • Tourism
    • Trading, transport
    • Waste management sectors
  • Services offered
    • Economic studies
    • Feasibility studies
    • Financial studies
    • Joint ventures
    • Management studies
    • Marketing studies
    • Project management
    • Rehabilitation studies
    • Re-engineering studies
    • Technical studies

This list is about the studies that have been conducted during the actual running of TSIMCO.

  • Gypsum manufacturing
  • Multi-ethnic restaurant
  • Motels
  • Plastic bags manufacture
  • Service flats
  • Downstream processing of coconut and cocoa in papua new guinea (15 products)
  • Plastic bottles from hdpe, pvc, pet
  • Recycling of waste materials
  • Body filler
  • Coconut chips, water, and activated carbon
  • Spices and spice blends
  • Tea filling and packing
  • Medical plants
  • Jams and jellies
  • Baked goods
  • Snack products
  • Processing of fruits and vegetables
  • Head hunting
  • Expanded polystyrene items
  • Self-adhesive rolls