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Organization Development and Industrial Engineering Services (IES)

Productivity and Operations Efficiency Mechanism - (POEM)

The Need:

Cost of Production – COP is a key parameter that impacts the operating Profit of and manufacturing organization. This COP is important for the organization to be competitive and to have sustainable business growth. Shop floor productivity is the focal point for improving the COP and the key to improving productivity is in ELIMINATION OF WASTE. The real job of eliminating the waste lies in identifying the waste.

Objective of The Service

  • To improve productivity and reduce cost in the operation management
  • Structured frame work for productivity improvement, implementation and monitoring
  • Focus on systematic identification of waste
  • Provide tools for improvement
  • Provide tools for monitoring performance


Productivity Diagnosis

  • Diagnostic study and Establish Baseline
  • Productivity Improvement Framework
  • Project Selection Criteria

Productivity – Record

  • Flow Process Sheets
  • Work Measurement

Productivity – Analysis

  • Definition and classification of wastes
  • Identification of wastes based on:
    • Method Study
    • MUDA
    • TPM -7
    • TPM 16
  • Assessment of Impact of waste
  • Identify Gaps

Productivity – Redesign for Improvement

  • Tools for Improvement
  • Principles of Work redesign
  • Performance Management

Productivity - Implementation Monitoring

  • Work Design Documentation
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Monitoring Parameters
  • Productivity Monitoring Reporting

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Design and Implementation of Performance Management System (PMS)

The Need:

For and organization to have sustainable growth, the value addition by the company has consistent with employee cost. In other the value addition by the employee has to be progressive. A sound performance management system is the key here, to ensure that composite contribution of all the employees is will aligned with the organization goals.

Objective of The Service

  • To improve overall organization growth
  • To Improve performance efficiency of departments and Individuals
  • To improve value addition per Employee


Performance Planning(P)

  • Top management deriver for organizational goals
  • Alignment of Organization Policy with Vision of the organization
  • Departmental goals and objective aligned with organizational goals
  • Alignment of Objectives with policy
  • Establish Performance Measures
  • Alignment of performance measures with Objectives
  • Departmental KPIS covering QCD

Performance – Execution (D)

  • Review and run departmental processes
  • Control Inputs
  • Control Processes
  • Control Outputs
  • Set Targets for KPIs

Performance Review ( C)

  • Measure KPIs
  • Measure Progress against action plan

Performance Improvement

  • Departmental initiatives and Action Plan
  • Individual initiatives and Action Plan

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Implementation of Lean Manufacturing System

The Need:

Organizations that are in known low efficiency level , need radical tools transform into higher efficiency levels. Lean Manufacturing or Lean Services , is an operation management philosophy which shortens the time line between the customer order and the product shipment by eliminating waste or Non Value Added operations in a production line(NVAs).

Objective of The Service

  • Increase Productivity by 50%
  • Increase capacity / throughput – Can possibly reduce lead time by more than 50 %
  • Higher inventory turns – Reduce inventory by more than by 50%
  • Align production plan with customer schedule
  • More available floor space – Reduce floor space by 25%
  • Improved workplace organization
  • Improved quality: reduced scrap / re-work by more than 20%
  • Reduced inventories: Raw, WIP, Finished Goods– Reduce WIP more than 50%
  • Reduce Set Ups
  • Reduced lead times
  • Greater gross margin
  • Improved participation & morale


  • Standardized Factory
  • 5-S
  • Balanced Work Flow through cell Manufacturing
  • TAKT Control: ( Production Rate based on customer)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Value Analysis - Value Added Operation / Non Value added Operations
  • Continuous Improvement - Kaizen
  • Quick Chang Over ( QCE)
  • Visual factory
  • Error – Proofing ( POKA - YOKE)
  • Manufacturing Process Analysis
  • Line Balancing Analysis
  • Multi Skilling Analysis
  • Cell Design - Process Sheet
  • Material Flow Design For Cell
  • Organization structure Cell
  • Information System Design for Cell
  • Training and Empowerment of Team

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Business Proccess Mangement (BPM)

The Need:

Effectiveness of Business Processes is key for competitiveness for organizations both in manufacturing and service industry. With automation tools available aplenty, automation of wring processes is going to put organizations far behind. Improving the processes to reach the customers faster, at a lower cost, keeping up the good quality is the key for the sustainable growth of the organization. Organizational process focus and continuous improvement of the processes has to be practiced organization wide. This is to be enabled through tools like business excellence assessment. This will give the cutting edge for the organization, in terms of sound processes, competitiveness and sustainability.

Objective of the Service :

Business Process Management, will aim to make organizational processes more effective in terms of quality, cost, response time , flexibility .

  • Improve Performance Efficiency
  • Improve Compliance
  • Improve Quality
  • Improve responsiveness to customers and markets
  • Integration with IT and Operations
  • Integration with suppliers and customers


Process Mapping

  • Process understanding
  • Process Architecture
  • Process Mapping



Process Analysis

  • Qualitative Analysis
    • Value Added Analysis
    • Waste Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
    • Process Metrics - Time ,Cost ,delivery
    • Flow Analysis
    • Process Simulation

Process Redesign

  • Approach For Redesign
  • Transformational Redesign
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • TRIZ
  • Transactional Redesign
    • Optimize Process Elements
    • Optimize Process Flow elements
    • Optimize overall process
  • Process automation

Process Implementation Monitoring

  • Process Documentation
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Big data
  • Process Monitoring and controlling

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Implementation of TPM / TQM

The Need:

Organizations, which are in growth phase, have to look beyond the efficiency of the processes in to the effectiveness of the processes and business excellence. TPM and TQM are powerful Strategic operation management tools that focus on long-term sustainable business growth with wider perspectives such as market share and customer satisfaction.


To provide long term hand holding support to organizations to implement TPM / TQM concepts to ensure organization wide sustainable productivity drive looking at total productivity aspect such as P-Q-C-D-S-M Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Motivation, to be evidenced in the following.

  • Reduction of Customer Complaints
  • Reduction in Cost of Quality.
  • Reduction in Cost of Product.
  • Improved Market Share
  • Improved Productivity
  • Total Employee Involvement
  • Up gradation of ISO Systems


  • Strategy Development - Vision, Mission
  • Business Plan
  • TPM / TQM Goals and Objective
  • Establishing TPM / TQM Pillars
  • Formation of TPM /TQM teams and integrating with functional teams
  • Waste Identification Training and Implementation
  • Kobestu Kaizen Training and Implementation
  • Quality Maintenance training and Implementation
  • Establish and Monitor the right Productivity Metrics
  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • Hand Holding for Daily Routine Managements
  • Productivity and Quality Improvement Projects ( Kaizen)

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Implementation of 5S


Improve shop floor productivity through better house Keeping


  • 5S training for Top Management
  • TPM training for Functional Heads
  • Formation of 5S teams
  • 5S training for Team Members
  • Company Specific 5-S audit tool
  • Preparation of tools and control formats
  • 5-S Audits
  • Audit Review with teams
  • 5-S presentations
  • Sustenance

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